The dawn of the Industrial Age is upon us, great leader! Arrow of Progress is a casual, strategic history-sim and learning game where you lead a nation toward the #1 position as the most advanced from 1816 to 1914, the era of the Industrial Revolution!

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Be Endlessly Informed And Entertained!

  • Immerse yourself and learn about the late First and Second Industrial Revolution!

  • Invest in innovations and be rewarded for strategy and intelligent risk-taking!

  • Win and collect from over 300 scientific and technological innovations!

  • Hire from more than 60 renowned scientists and innovators!

  • Experience over 60 significant historical events!

  • Tackle over 800 questions and master your knowledge!

  • Challenge yourself to achieve the highest worldwide progress on the leaderboard!


Take command of the U.K., U.S., France, or Germany! Compete across thirty one rounds to win the most Progress!

Manage your nation to get a competitive edge over your rivals!

Navigate through important historical events...

Invest wisely and compete for revolutionary discoveries and technologies in the science, transportation, engineering, and resource domains!

Uncover scientific and technological breakthroughs that changed history!

Hire and learn about epic advisors can catapult your nation into the future!

Test your knowledge to win respect (and money!) from patrons!

Compete for Progress to get the number 1 position! Also compete against a worldwide leaderboard!


Arrow of Progress is the creation of a small international team. It is a "labor of love" dedicated to the many individuals who have enabled many of us to live better than King Louis XIV.


These fantastic references helped create historically accurate information for your consumption!


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Natural Science

Road Transportation

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Big Picture Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering

Captains of Industry

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